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P.O. Box 600 • Mount Desert, Maine 04660

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We are a full service  Appraisal and Auction company. We started the business in June 1992.

Since  that time we have appraised many of the estates in the area and have sold items at auction

that range from a painting by W.H. Johnson for over $50,000, to a French mantle clock for $25,000,    to an historic ship’s  journal for $6,000 to table lots of collectables.

It has always been our feeling that it is a lot more fun to sell a full range of items rather than concentrating on antiques alone. There is always something for everyone at our sales. Having the range, and providing fresh to the market items, make our sales entertaining and user friendly.

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We generally  hold our sales at Norumbega Moving & Storage in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  We do our sales English style, this means that we have few chairs, though you are welcome to lounge on  the sale items. The audience follows us as we make our way around the hall. More...

A good appraisal requires familiarity with the objects, a great deal of research and study, and an understanding of the current market.

I am a personal property appraiser accredited by, and a member in good standing of, the Certified Appraisers Guild of America. More...

Over 25 Years of Auctions on Mount Desert Island